Hair Tips

Washing/ Co-washing

Washing and co-washing the hair is very important when maintaining your hair extensions . You will want to use a sulfur-free shampoo and a moisturizer conditioner or deep conditioner .

Co- washing - Wetting the hair and cleaning it with the conditioner. we recommended doing this when you first receive the hair for best results. As well as every 3-4 weeks to keep hair moisturize. 

Washing- we recommend washing the hair every   2-3 weeks. This will remove all the build up from overtime. 

 TIP: Wash the hair in luke warm water ( do not rub the hair together it will create tangles and frizziness) when rinsing out conditioner , rinse in COLD water. Air drying is the most protective but you can dry with cool-warm setting on dryer. 


You would want to use a wide tooth comb and a paddle '' wig'' brush . start from the ends of the hair and work your way up when detangling . This is prevent shedding as well . 

Bed Time :

We recommend wearing a silk headband , silk bonnet or scarf to bed . Silk materials will help keep natural oils in hair and also very protective . This can make or break your hair extensions and longevity . 

Products :

We recommend not using heavy oils or products , it will weigh the hair down . Use a hair serum or light oils, a dime size amount is only needed * little goes a long way * apply the oils / serum evenly throughout the hair . 

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